Case studies
29 Sep 2022

Electric grids: enhanced insulation for a greener energy supply

For decades, electricity production and supply has been one of the most polluting industrial activities in global society. From 2010 onwards, the EU has made important efforts to reduce the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions emanating from electricity generation. One of the main facilitators of the decrease in GHG emissions has been the transition from fossil fuels to renewables in electricity generation. If the trend continues, electricity production could be fully decarbonised in the EU by 2050 

Original installations to insulate gases in the energy sector required the use of one of the most potent greenhouse gases. A novel PFAS-based insulation method can be used in medium and high voltage gas insulated electricity generation as well as distribution equipment – such as switchgear and electricity cables – and can reduce GHG emissions by more than 99%. This insulating gas is exclusively used in sealed applications and key to further decarbonize the EU’s electric grid.