Case studies
19 Sep 2022

Laboratory equipment is vital to making scientific advancements

Laboratory equipment is irreplaceable in the healthcare industry, in food and environmental monitoring and in the chemical industry as well. The equipment serves to develop pharmaceuticals, do research, and investigate diseases, among others.

PFAS in the form of fluoropolymers and fluororubbers are used in laboratory equipment as these materials are characterised by high resistance levels against chemicals and extreme purity. Currently there are no available alternatives providing the same combination of properties for laboratory use.

The PFAS are needed only in small quantities, as they are only used in those parts of the equipment that come in contact with the chemicals. For instance, they are used in sampling and analysis equipment since they do not affect the parameters to be investigated and monitored, and do not interact with the chemicals or samples. Due to their exceptional purity, they are also used to prevent contamination when storing or transporting liquids.

Since this equipment is used specifically in a laboratory setting, it is handled by either professionals or supervised students within a secure environment. This means that, at the end of the life cycle, the decommissioned equipment is disposed through the industrial waste system and can be treated according to local and international law.