Case studies
12 Oct 2022

PFAS protects communication devices from dust and water

We all like good quality sound when we listen to music, make a call, or listen in on a conference. One could argue that these are nice-to-haves, rather than must-haves. But did you ever consider the importance of sound during a call to an emergency line? If an electronic device’s sound system is compromised during an accident or emergency, life-saving information may fail to reach its recipient.   

This is where PFAS comes in. Protective expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membranes have been developed to safeguard built-in speakers and microphones. They enable the passage of gas molecules ensuring proper air and sound flow, while simultaneously repelling liquid and particles to prevent the deterioration or destruction of electrical components. Compared to other substances, ePTFE provides unique air permeability and chemical/water resistance required for this application.