07 Feb 2023

FPP4EU Press Statement on REACH restriction proposal

On 7 February 2023, ECHA published the REACH restriction proposal prepared by the competent authorities of Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Fluorinated Products and PFAS for Europe (FPP4EU), a sector group of Cefic, welcomes the publication of the proposal, kicking off the next stage in the restriction process.

Still needing to analyse the proposal in full detail, FPP4EU members appreciate the efforts of the dossier submitters to consider the extensive input provided during the previous consultation rounds.

Marleen Pauwels, Executive Director Halogens, Cefic :

“We knew from the start that this restriction was going to be a complex and challenging exercise. It not only covers an unprecedented number of diverse substances, but also has a huge impact on many downstream products we use in our daily lives. At first glance, the current proposal may still restrict some applications that have been flagged to us as critical to society. That is why we have been working very hard to raise awareness throughout the value chain and to intensify collaboration between industry and authorities. Therefore, we will double our efforts to assist concerned parties in feeding adequate data into the upcoming public consultations.”

In addition to collaboration efforts, FPP4EU has developed a decision tree to support decision making on derogations. The goal is to ensure safe use of PFAS in key industry sectors, including but not limited to aerospace and defence, renewable energies, transport, textiles, industrial manufacturing processes, construction, electronics, and health.

Jonathan Crozier, Advocacy & Communications Chairman of FPP4EU:

“FPP4EU’s main concern is that the restriction proposal may still lead to disruptions of certain value chains and eventually eliminate some key applications. We will continue facilitating information exchange with the affected downstream sectors to identify critical applications that would merit discussion about a derogation, or how much time it would take to develop alternatives, taking into account that these alternatives need to offer the same combination of properties without negative effects for human health and environment”

FPP4EU will keep sharing information, contribute to the discussion and participate in constructive dialogues with all stakeholders to suggest solutions towards a workable restriction for all.